Artist Statement

My art is an expression of myself. My painting and collages have become a visual expression of the way I perceive the world around me. I begin each piece with an idea of what I want to say. As the painting evolves, it speaks to me with color choices and textures that express my inner emotions.


My experience with textiles as a weaver of wool threads on a loom along with my love of all things tactile has led me to my current path of combining papers which I hand paint and glue onto my paintings along with gesso and gels to provide the three-dimensional groundwork for my painting.


I find I can express deep emotions within me by integrating the real world with the surreal thereby evoking the power of the subject through form and movement. The natural elements of wind and rain often play an integral part of the finished piece. My paintings inspire the viewer to not only enjoy the visual element but to actually experience the movement within.


To truly appreciate the artwork the viewer should step in to not only “see” the piece but to experience the full spectrum of tactile sensation by interacting up close. Allow each painting to speak to you and lean in to listen.